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Welcome to the Schunk Winery

he Schunk family has been engaged in winegrowing and wine production for several generations. The newly planted vines and the recently implemented technological development have signified the growing importance of our winery since 1996, which can also be proved by our results achieved at wine competitions. Our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vine species testify that the southern slopes of the Mecsek Hills provide perfect conditions not exclusively for the production of excellent white wines but premium-quality red wines too. In our small family-run winery our white wines are primarily made utilizing the reductive wine-producing method, while red wines are traditionally aged in oak and barricque casks.

esides the vine species grown in our own vineyards (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling) we produce wines from purchased grapes of potentially excellent quality (e.g.: Portugieser, Pinot Blanc, Cserszegi Fűszeres).

he main intention of the Schunk Winery is to contribute to the re-establishment of the bygone recognition of the Pécs Wine Region, which has a strong tradition and provides grapes with a habitat of outstanding potentials.

Habitat – Pécs Wine Region – Hosszúhetény

he vineyards and cellars of the Schunk Winery are located in the Pécs-Mecsek Wine Region, in Hosszúhetény, in a valley at the southern feet of Zengő, the highest peak of the Mecsek Hills, and Hármashegy.

oil conditions are suitable for winegrowing in the whole county – areas of forest soil, yellow soil and field soil vary – but especially in the Pécs Wine Region, in the Mecsek Hills, types of stones – mainly sandstone, limestone and granite – can be found which add a distinguished mineral, bulky character and fiery bouquet to the local wines.

he number of local sunlight hours and the average temperature are similar to those of first-rate French wine-districts. In the Carpathian Basin the peculiar natural endowment of Baranya County and the city of Pécs create prominent conditions for winegrowing.

his is the region of Hungary where the so-called Indian summer – pleasant autumn weather, bringing warm days – asserts itself the most, because of the significant influence of the southern, Mediterranean climate. The other unique feature of the microclimate of the Mecsek Hills is that this is the area where the Mediterranean air masses meet the more humid winds of the Atlantic. Our vineyards are located at the southern, warmer slopes of this dividing line.