Hosszúhetény, Morolo u. 52. | +36 (30) 9468-920 | schunkpince@gmail.com

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Schunk Winery is a family business located in Hosszúhetény, which is on the gentle slopes of southern Mecsek near Pécs. Previously wines were only made for family consumption; however, based on former knowledge and tradition nowadays we grow grapes on a few hectare, and work as a micro-venture. The winery and cellar run by the family is continuously growing and developing. Our goals are to create characteristic red and white wines, light rosés and extraordinary blends in the form of red and white cuvées taking the particular vintage’s attributes in consideration. We believe that by holding wine-tastings and wine exhibitions of our products, we take part in the popularization of the Pécs-Mecseki Wine-growing Region.

Photos of the cellar

Photos of the wineyard

Photos of the wine-shop