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The wines of the Schunk Winery

Our quality wines are all classified dry wines that bear the indication of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).


The variety of the Pécs Wine Region with great traditions, which can only be found here in Hungary. Field made from hand-harvested grapes with floral, quince, herbal notes in both aroma and taste. It’s fine with the little residual sugar that nicely counterbalances the acids. The variety itself is prone to crumbling, so it can also be used to make excellent dessert wine.

Rhine Riesling

An excellent white wine made from hand-harvested, home-grown grapes, which shows citrus, floral, mint and honey notes at a young age. Due to the original high acidity of the grape variety, even in the hot climate of the Southern Mecsek, as much acid remains as is enough for a balanced, harmonious, beautiful wine. It has a high maturation potential of 5-10 years, and from the 2nd or 3rd year onwards, the petrol character characteristic only of large Rhine Riesling begins to develop in the wine.


Original French name Pinot Gris. A rich, fruity wine made from hand-harvested grapes of your own, with oily, ripe bananas, mango and hazelnut notes, with a medium acidity. The wine category is dry, but it greets the little residual sugar with a pleasant finish in the mouth. A special wine with a nice balance of aromas, flavors, acids and alcohol.


This is the "fruit bomb". Among the famous "Z" -type grape varieties crossed in Hungary, Zenit is the most widespread in the Pécs Wine Region, which, despite the hot climate, preserves a beautiful, harmonious week. The aroma and flavor of our hand-harvested Zenit wine, made from our own fruit, are intensely fruity, mainly pear, pineapple, honey and yellow melon. Despite the early harvest (mid-August), it is a beautiful wine made from grapes harvested at full maturity, in which the acids, alcohol, body, aromas and flavors are in harmony.

Blue Franc Rosée

Intensely fruity, classic rosé with mainly raspberry notes. It is characterized by fresh, crisp acids, which, together with the little CO2 added, further enhance the freshness of the fruit. An excellent rosé that can be eaten clean but also provides a lasting experience as a splash. An indispensable wine for warm summer evenings.


An excellent red wine made from hand-harvested grapes of its own fruit, in which the tannins are less prevalent, the more the varietal plum, dried fruit, coffee aromas and flavors. In the long haul, the soil and climate are suitable for making premium quality Syrah wines, which is confirmed by our gold and big gold ratings achieved in many local, national and international wine competitions. An exceptionally soft, fruity red wine with slight woody notes. In this variety, top quality can only be achieved with a great deal of green work and strict yield restrictions, but once these are done, we can taste a wine that provides a lasting experience with a long finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon

A thick, spicy red wine made from hand-harvested, home-grown grapes that well reflects the characteristics of the deservedly world-famous variety. In addition to the black currant, we can discover notes of olive and black cherry. The balance of round, beautiful acids, soft tannins, high extract and alcohol content makes this wine harmonious, which with its long finish makes for a lasting experience.

Cabernet Franc

Hand-harvested red wine made from home-grown grapes, characterized by a deep red color, cherry, plum fruitiness. Elegant, sweet tannins, and a very pleasant coconut, cocoa finish from oak barrel maturation. A classic soft Cabernet Franc in which even the higher alcohol content does not show up due to the balance of important ingredients.


An excellent red wine made from hand-harvested grapes of its own fruit, the third large Bordeaux variety in addition to the two Cabernets. It feels very good in Hosszúhetény, because the soil with clay strips, just like in Bordeaux, allows for a premium quality harvest, which is realized by the many green works we have done and the yield restrictions. In its aroma and flavor, cherry notes dominate every year, along with other red berries. A lovely, soft red wine in which velvety tannins round out the picture.

BDX Cuvée

A blend of three main Bordeaux varieties. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc make up roughly the same proportion of this classic Bordeaux cuvée. A true complex wine in which the two main strands of red wines, fruitiness and spiciness, are found at the same time. We can discover different notes in each sip, because it features black cherries, black currants, cherries, plums, paprika and white pepper. A beautiful wine in which all three different varieties can be recognized individually, but neither suppresses the others. Harmony is not only felt in the ingredients because the acids, tannins, alcohol and extract content also create balance. The use of light wood allows the varietal characteristics to prevail, but in the end it gives a nice sweet, coconut finish.