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The wines of the Schunk Winery

Our quality wines are all classified dry wines that bear the indication of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).


A The dry white wine produced of one of the most widespread vine species of the wine region includes hints of mignonette, green apple and hay flower with a characteristic and slightly bitter taste of almond. Traditionally fermented and aged in oak casks, it is an aromatic wine with elegant acids.
Best served at 10-12 °C.

Sauvignon Blanc

It is an excellent, fragrant, reductive white wine with harmonic acid and alcohol content. The fragrance of this robust wine is reminiscent of citrus fruits, fresh-cut grass and elderflower, with a distinctive flavour of green pepper and pear. This intensive-scented, full-bodied wine has great ageing potential.
Best served at 10-12 °C.

Teringettét Cuvée

A blend of Olaszrizling (Italian Riesling) and Savignon Blanc with 15% of Cserszegi Fűszeres. It is fragrant, and has a harmonic acid and alcohol balance. “Teringettét” Cuvée is a reductive dry white wine made by fermentation in steel tanks.
Recommended consumption temperature: 10 - 12 °C.

Cserszegi Fűszeres
(spicy, Hungarian white wine)

It is a fine, noble white wine, made by reductive technology, with the scent of dried fruits, ripe peach, hazel-nut and honey. This well-balanced wine has a high extract content, a pure, mellow bouquet and a long ageing potential.
Best served at 10-12 °C.


It has typical linden and slight elder fragrances supplemented with a pleasant aroma. It is a stout wine that has long acidity and a unique characteristic. It is made by steel tank fermentation.
Recommended consumption temperature: 10 - 12 °C.


It has spicy fragrance and aroma, and a firm characteristic. This grape (and wine) is a real Pécs-Baranya county speciality that grows only in our wine region. Cirfandli has light and elegant acids. It smells like a bouquet of wild flowers. It is made by steel tank fermentation. Recommended consumption temperature: 10 - 12 °C.

Pinot Blanc

It is characterized by piquancy, and the fragrance and aroma of hard-shell fruits like walnut and peanut. It is juicy and fragrant, has elegant acids and unique flavour. It is made by steel tank fermentation.
Recommended consumption temperature: 10 - 12 °C.

Pinot Noir Rosé

The blend of Pinot Noir rosé is well-known for its refreshing, fruity scent and bracing acids. It reflects the fragrance of strawberry, followed by a fruity flavour with a clearly perceptible strawberry taste. It is a delicate pink, reductive wine with a tangible carbonic acid content guaranteeing its freshness. This elegant, light wine lacks the heavier tannin content of red wines.
Best served at 9-10 °C.


Portugieser is an elegant, masculine red wine with distinct, round tannins and hints of mulberry, sour cherry and cinnamon. It is also a bulky red wine with characteristic aroma and a deep ruby colour, aged traditionally in oak barrels. Best served at 16-18 °C.


Merlot is a natural, crimson-coloured, velvety, noble red wine with hints of strawberry and raspberry, an extract-rich, plummy, long-lasting fiery taste, aged in oak casks either using the traditional or the barrique maturation technique. It is an excellent red wine, with delicate, round tannins and fine ageing potential. Best served at 16-18 °C.

Cabernet Sauvignon

A pure, spicy red wine with the scent of black currant and forest fruits and a deep red colour, aged – either the traditional way or using the barrique technique – in oak casks, producing wines of extraordinary quality practically irrespective of vintage. It is regarded as an outstandingly bulky and elegant red wine even among the most prominent vine species of the world, with round tannins, rich extract content and a long-lasting maturation potential. Best served at 16-18 °C.

Zengő Gyöngye (Zengő’s Pearl)

This local wine is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in proportion of about 70-30%, depending on the vintage. It is a typically harmonious, deep crimson-coloured dry red wine, with the fragrance and flavour reminiscent of forest fruits, prunes, tobacco and vanilla, aged in oak barrels, using the barrique technique. Its tannins are soft but clearly perceptible. This kind of red wine has an excellent ageing potential. Best served at 16-18 °C.