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Wine Tasting in the Schunk Winery

ur prettily furnished wine-tasting room is located in the building of the Schunk Winery, which is a perfect choice for friendly discussions, for visitors interested in viticulture and for every wine-loving people.

Wine Tasting

The Schunk Winery is a certified stop of the Pécs-Mecseki Wine Route where, following a registration on telephone or via e-mail, we can host guests up to 20 people in our cosy, well-equipped wine-tasting room.

n our family-run winery we welcome our guests with a liquer glass of traditional Hungarian apricot, sour cherry or Merlot grape pomace brandy (pálinka) produced in an excellent distillery, of fruits grown in our own orchard.

uring the wine tasting, in addition to the traditionally served cheese, walnut, olive and apple pieces, we offer cold and hot dishes at request.

t the wine-tasting events organized in the Schunk Winery our guests can taste any type and number of wines at individual request, selected either from our bottled wines, or directly from our casks or tanks.

e speak German and English.

A selection from our hot dishes:
  • Wild game ragout with forest mushrooms and tarragon
  • Cock stew with pork knuckle and gizzard
  • Wild game stewed in red wine
  • Roasted leg of duck served with boiled cabbage
  • Beer braised pork knuckle
  • Mixed meat plate
  • Home-made strudel
A selection from our cold dishes:
  • Venison salami sandwich with boiled eggs and pickled gherkins